Beyond Today 2020 Report

Trends and strategic actions
to consider today for a better tomorrow.


We bring to life products, services, and ideas that add value to people’s lives

We believe extraordinary design can help companies transform and grow

We are thinkers, makers, and hackers working together to make a positive impact on the world

Uncover human, market, and expert insights that help propel your growth.
New ventures
Identify your opportunities with a custom innovation roadmap that includes short to long term goals.
Product and service design and engineering
Bring impactful, intuitively designed products or services to market more quickly.
Space and Experience Design
Design responsive spaces that leverage technology to create engaging human experiences.
Sustainability and circular economy
Make a positive global impact with thoughtful products, services, and experiences design.
Cultural transformation
Improve your company’s performance by working more agile, adaptive innovative, and customer-centric.
Acceleration workshops
Give your team a boost with our engaging 1, 2, or 3-day boot camps or solve a quick challenge with a 5-day sprint with our team.
Partner with us to bring your early-stage concept to market with agile design and engineering.

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creating against covid-19
We’re living in a world of much less that demands much more — especially for businesses facing changes in consumer demand, headcount, and financial resources…
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When the wind blows calmly it’s the perfect time to reinforce the shelter, install new cornerstones, replace old pipes, and protect the windows before the next storm…
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Social distancing, remote work, uncertainty… The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are hitting hard on the most important asset of any company: their people…
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You might have heard of the worldwide ventilator shortage caused by the current pandemic. But, why are they in such high demand?.
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