Senior Design Strategist


  • Translate ideas into magical artifacts and experience prototypes, help manage projects and build client relationships, and help execute project deliverables.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced studio across a variety of consulting work.
  • Support the team throughout the full design thinking process and participate in design team reviews, sharing, and brainstorming by providing a technical feasibility perspective.
  • Proactively explore new technologies and processes for rapid prototyping
  • Share with the team technological trends and curiosities in a vast range of fields
  • Your super power is the ability to use your creativity and diverse range of engineering experience to explore solutions to a variety of problems.
  • Be our in-house resident maker, DIYer and explorer of unknown realms and bring things to life. 
  • Using a user-centric approach, you will tackle the design and prototyping phases of projects in order to bring to life digital and physical products which will have impact in people’s lives.



  • Native English speaker
  • 4-5+ years of design strategy / business strategy experience.
  • 2+ years of experience leading teams, managing projects, and interfacing directly with clients.
  • Business development experience, such as finding new clients and upselling projects with existing clients.
  • Business expertise, specifically in the implementation of business model generation and financial modeling throughout the design process.
  • Data analysis proven proficiency.
  • Design thinking and human centric research to discover innovation trends and opportunities.
  • Analytic ability to navigate diverse range of industries / Obsessed with staying ahead of industry best practices and developments in trends across the world.
  • Fluent in translating stakeholder goals, user research, and complex systems into simple scalable solutions across a diverse range of industries.
  • Master communication skills, and the ability to deliver compelling design rationales in both client and internal contexts.
  • Motivated by feedback, and by the opportunity to improve in your role, in the work, and in how you work together as a team.