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Bank of the West


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The Opportunity Statement

Bank of the West wanted to leave traditional banking behind, to dream bigger, and engage their customers by rethinking how they design and develop their digital products and services.

The Challenge

When it comes to digital, financial services aren’t only competing with other banks, but consumer brands that know how to engage people in a mobile first world. Bank of the West’s existing mobile experience needed a refresh to compete in today’s market and recruit younger digitally native customers.

The Solution

Consumers are looking for engaging, delightful, and effortless mobile banking services. In close collaboration with Bank of the West, we re-imagined their mobile banking experience to not only address pain points, but create moments of joy.

The Approach


How could we improve all digital touchpoints and enhance our customers experience? Through collaborative workshops, involving stakeholders across Bank of the West, we envisioned what living in a mobile centered world means, starting with a redesign of their mobile application was first priority.


A new agile roadmap for transformation was created based on a set of design principles. Speed and innovation were imperative with a “continuous improvement” approach to everything. We delivered a new design system, with a renewed visual language and launched new features regularly which was imperative to success.


Bank of the West identifies themselves as a bank who is influencing positive impact in a changing world. We delivered solutions on new initiatives that could integrate into their mobile application to bring those initiatives into the hands of their customers.


Design and features have been launched throughout 2019. The groundwork of new innovative initiatives has been laid to differentiate Bank of the West as a future leader of consumer banking.  More importantly, the stage has been set to respond to and learn from customers while anticipating their needs.