An open space experience to foster innovation






Space Experience Design

The Opportunity

BBVA wanted to lead the fintech ecosystem and reaffirm themselves as digital transformation leaders by creating an innovative open space where visitors connect with the bank’s core and business units.

The Challenge

Creating a multifunctional and versatile open space where visitors can connect, experience, collaborate, personalize, experiment, transform and learn with BBVA through innovation and technology.

The Solution

A user-centric, flexible open space where BBVA can share their products, processes and services with their visitors, inviting them to experience and learn together, guiding them towards a successful future while leading the Fintech industry.

The BBVA open space has been designed as a route that parts form the center of the space and opens towards the other areas as an ecosystem. Such areas are innovative interaction through technology points with the visitors where they can connect, collaborate, experiment, transform and learn such as Real-time Data, Selfie In-Out, Interactive Voting, Connecting Visitors, Connected Windows or Exploring the “Future You”.


Designing the experience

Establishing success criteria and analyzing success cases on open space´s, ideating co-creating sessions with BBVA employees to define an innovative structure and Open Space functionalities, and finally recap gatherings to design up to 3 mock-ups through 2D and 3D Ilustrated concepts for final validation from client.

Prototyping spaces

After prioritizing concepts and defining the final experience, prototypes are sent to San Francisco HQ for engineering design and testing. Along with our trusted partners -specialized in space production, installations and technology- a first version of the open space is created for client approval.

Bringing it to life

Gathering of feedback from first prototyping versions and applying final adjustments. Creating 2D & 3D mock-ups of final design for client input and approval for definitive BBVA creation and implementation, supervised by propelland and their specialized partners.

While the project is still being implemented, the BBVA Open Space continues to serve as a place of inspiration, connection, and learning where ideas become opportunities.