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The Opportunity

The aging population is a global phenomenon, but in Spain it is a particularly challenging.  By 2050, the elderly population is expected to increase to a third of the total population.

The Challenge

The increase in average life span and lower birth rates is accelerating the rate at which the share of the elderly population is rising. In less than 30 years, the number of individuals aged 65+ has doubled and is predicted to be the oldest country by 2050. How could we help seniors live happier more independent lives while connecting them to their families and friends?

The Solution

In 2015 CaixaBank and Securitas Direct saw an opportunity to partner and provide a new innovative service that would allow seniors to live on their own. Every household enrolled in the CBK Seniors program would receive a central unit and each senior their own unique wristband. Each product’s interface was designed to assist seniors by connecting them to their families and their homes. And a mobile application would allow seniors and families to monitor the health and safety of the elderly.



One of the biggest challenges for seniors was a how to contend with loneliness. For many seniors, mobility is a challenge and family members may live far away. Through features like “social talk” we facilitated social connection to others. Seniors could also directly call and connect to their families through voice. The central unit, watch, and mobile application enabled both seniors and their families to stay on top of their activity and well-being. The central unit and wearable wristband allowed seniors to monitor their indoor and outdoor conditions, and provided notifications for optimal comfort around the clock.


Prioritizing simplicity and safety for seniors were core to delivering a solution that would work for an aging population. Interfaces were design to be simple, intuitive, and effortless in case of an emergency. Seniors would have access to 24/7 medical and emergency support in and our of home and families could create action plans to be alerted once situation has been resolved by emergency services and Securitas Direct.


The launch of CBK Seniors reached over 300,000 homes in the Spanish market. The successful launch warranted future innovations and another iteration of the offering to enhance the consumer experience with enhanced touchpoint across the service.


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