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The Challenge

In less than 30 years, the number of individuals aged 65+ has doubled and Spain is predicted to be the oldest country in the World by 2050.

As the average lifespan and lower birth rate accelerate the aging of the population, CaixaBank, one of the biggest banks in Spain, teamed up with Securitas Direct, a leading home security company, to create a new, innovative service that would allow seniors to live a more independently. In less than 30 years, the number of individuals aged 65+ has doubled, and is predicted to be the oldest country by 2050.

How could we help seniors live happier, more independent lives while connecting them to their families and friends?

The Opportunity

Throughout our conversations with seniors and their families we discovered that, besides age, the second biggest issue our silver generation suffers is loneliness. 40% of people 65+ years old declared they feel lonely. This fact was something we couldn’t look away from and gave us a chance to create a more meaningful service that could tackle more than just one problem.

The Solution

Working with the client we created Protección Senior, a holistic service aimed to provide peace of mind for both seniors and their families, allowing them to keep their lifestyle and stay in touch with their loved ones with the assurance that, should anything happen, Securitas Direct was one voice command away, ready to help.

Each household enrolled in the Protección Senior program would receive a central unit for their home, through which they could check the air quality, humidity, and temperature inside the house, check the weather and ask for assistance through voice commands. Based on the insights gained through the research, we included a chat feature that would allow users to communicate with other seniors enrolled in the service.

The service includes a user-friendly smartwatch that tracks their location in case they get lost, physical activity to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and includes a fall detection feature that would automatically connect the wearer with emergency services provided by Securitas Direct.

Lastly, the Protección Senior app allows family members to keep an eye on their loved ones and stay in touch with just a tap.



Prioritizing simplicity and safety for seniors was core to delivering a solution that would work for this population segment. Interfaces designed to be simple, intuitive, and effortless in case of an emergency. Seniors would have access to 24/7 medical and emergency support in and out of home and families could create action plans to be alerted once the situation has been resolved by emergency services and Securitas Direct.


The three key elements of the service, the central unit, smartwatch, and app allow created a connected ecosystem that would allow a more holistic, interconnected service that would enhance the experience for both the seniors and their families. Incorporating different features and technologies proved to be the key to deliver a service that would look into the physical and mental well-being of seniors while providing the family with the information they needed to have peace of mind anywhere they were.


For many seniors, mobility is a challenge and family members may live far away. Incorporating features like “social talk,” we facilitated interactions with others that might be in the same situation. Seniors could also directly call and connect to their families through voice. The central unit, watch, and mobile application enabled both seniors and their families to stay on top of their activity and well-being and encouraging them to stay more connected.


The launch of CBK Seniors reached over 300,000 homes in the Spanish market. The successful launch warranted future innovations and another iteration of the offering to elevate the consumer experience with enhanced touchpoints across the service.


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