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Genetracer Biotech




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The Challenge

Genetracer Biotech is a Spanish startup providing early detection, prevention, and precision treatment for cancer through DNA and blood testing and artificial intelligence. 

As we were working with them on the development of their online platform, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and we turned all our time and resources to fight the spread of the virus and help companies ensure a safe return to work for their employees.  

The Opportunity

We started working hand to hand with Genetracer to help detect COVID-19 even before symptoms appeared to help companies protect their employees, comply with labor and health regulations, and ensure business continuity. 

Beyond a testing platform, we saw an opportunity to offer these companies a SaaS platform that would not only track the risk and contagions of employees, but to create a business platform that would help them design strategies for different scenarios: return to work, prevention, and compliance.

The Solution

Genetracer Biotech provided the PCR, Antigen, and Rapid Tests through a network of nurses, clinics, and doctors throughout Spain and other countries. Based on the results and an epidemiological questionnaire, we were able to categorize employees on a 5-color scale and generate personalized profiles accrediting their COVID status: Not Tested, Tested COVID-free, Untested Suspected Positive, Confirmed Positive, and Possibly Immune. 

We created two different, fully responsive platforms for individuals and companies to track their COVID status: 



An employee app to track test results, risk of infection, and protocol recommendations based on diagnosis through a Blockchain Certified Report, along with information about the illness to help fight the virus and accompany the employee throughout the journey. Early detection of COVID to cut the virus’s chain of transmission.

Covidstat Premium

A business dashboard to provide test scheduling and real-time tracking of employees. We added an extra set of tools along the way to evaluate the risk of infection in different teams, offices, and regions as well as a contact tracer and notification tool that would automatically send messages to those who had been in contact with a sick employee.


You run faster with a strategy

We put together a very inspiring team with the client and other stakeholders and started working to quickly develop a solution that could solve the immediate needs of companies and their employees. As the project advanced, we uncovered the need for new tools, functionalities, and profiles, health and labor regulations kept changing, and it seemed to be a never-ending spiral of changes and adjustments. Along with the client’s team, we were able to pull through since we had a clear vision and constant communication.

Co-creating solutions

Our aim was to create a tool that could holistically solve the operational needs of each company in the COVID environment and we took into account all the possible stakeholders, from the employees for whom we had to give a solid sense of safety, to the management teams, who needed to guarantee the safety of their employees, the compliance with health and labor regulations, and the continuity of the business. In between, HR managers, operations, facility management, security, clients, and other external stakeholders, etc.


The whole project happened during the height of the lockdown, with both the team’s clients and us working from home. We trained the client in the use of collaborative online tools and designed a system that would ensure the sprints were efficient and moving at the speed they needed to. Involvement from the development team and the creation of a Design System for the project were key factors in launching both the employee and the company platforms in 6 weeks.

"Working with Propelland has been key to the success of the project. They have the ability to really understand our needs in terms of concepts, visions, and objectives, translating it to really good quality designs that really matched our expectations."

Carlos Cortijo, Founding Partner at Genetracer Biotech