Improving the end-to-end purchasing journey for the IONIQ car platform




San Francisco


Strategic Research
Design + Engineering

The Opportunity

Hyundai’s response to the Toyota Prius platform is the IONIQ – consistent design, eco friendly powertrains. Sales were not picking up as expected, and Hyundai reached out to figure out why, and how it could differentiate itself from the competition.

The Challenge

Hyundai’s response to the Toyota Prius platform is the IONIQ – consistent design, eco friendly powertrains, and competitive pricing. Launching the new car platform in the market meant having to figure out a new purchasing experience that leveraged their traditional dealer channels, but also met customers where they started their research i.e. online. The challenge focused on creating a coherent experience for the full purchase process.

The Solution

We mapped out the end-to-end purchasing journey, identified opportunities, and designed the ideal purchasing experience across both digital and physical touch points.


Ideal Service Blueprint

We audited the complete purchase experience both online and offline, identifying differences between gas and electric vehicles. We uncovered that salespeople are most familiar with gas cars, so sales are skewed towards gas over electric. This, combined with the increasing importance of online research to savvy buyers on blogs and comparison sites, informed our experience design.

Visualize your EV life

We designed an IONIQ microsite for mobile and desktop, and incorporated a recommendation engine for potential buyers, helping them pick the best IONIQ model for their lifestyle.

5-part lifestyle quiz

This 5 question quiz identifies the best type of IONIQ vehicle based on your existing behavior, such as your spontaneity and planning, how attentive you are to your phone, or accessibility to parking for plugging in.

Personalized recommendation

At the end of the quiz you find out which IONIQ fits your way of life, including descriptions for why this vehicle is the best for you. Earlier in the quiz we ask for your name, which makes the recommendation feel more personal to you.

New concept exploration

In addition to the recommendation tool, we explored new concepts that improve the ownership experience of an electric car, from autonomous charging stations that come to you, to AI-powered assistants that help you manage your agenda and optimize commuting.

Generating IP for future use cases

Over twenty concepts came out of the ideation process which Hyundai is in the process of patenting and developing further, adding value to their diverse and vast R&D pipeline.

The IONIQ Visualize Your EV Life tool was launched globally, and together with the recommendations of the multi-channel approach, is increasing Hyundai's market share in the US, with an annual growth rate of 30%