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Latino Factor


San Francisco


Vision Strategy
Innovation Pipeline
Technology Audit
Implementation Plan

The Opportunity

Latino Factor is a Dallas based distribution company in a mission to share Latino culture by distributing top Latino products to all stores.

The company wanted to transform its distribution business of snacks and beverages into a digital ecosystem enabling a platform for Latino products, services, and experiences in the United States’ Hispanic market.

Latino Factor needed to optimize their internal processes, create better tools for their business customers, and uncover new avenues of growth to reach their full potential.

The Challenge

In 2017, Latino Factor had grown from one small warehouse, five associates, and one brand into six warehouses, a fleet of 100 vehicles, and 200+ SKUs.

The company wanted to transform and grow the value they offered brands, stores, and the end consumer who was currently far removed from the core of the business. Latino Factor reached out to figure out how could their business model evolve in the next 3 years to bring consumers closer to the brands they love while enhancing the value for their immediate customers and increasing the power of their internal operations to reach even more stores.

The Solution

To bring Latino Factor closer to their purpose, for everyone to enjoy the best Latino brands, we designed an ideal customer experience journey based on needs uncovered through research conducted in existing and potential new points of sale.

We created a data-driven ecosystem to enhance the experience for every stakeholder, transforming through a horizons strategy and brought to life through specific touchpoints. Each initiative and touchpoint was designed to address people’s needs and capture data to improve processes and inform new products and services development for future growth.


Identify opportunities

We had conversations with stakeholders inside and outside of Latino Factor to validate the opportunities and identify new ones. The team also conducted an internal audit to identify the technology and operational gaps based on best practices in the industry.

Service blueprint and technology implementation guide

We pin-pointed the processes with the highest impact on the experience of internal teams, buyers, and the end consumer to create an ideal service blueprint. This visual tool served as a guide for the Latino Factor team to operationalize the transformation and bring to life the new platform vision. We also helped the Latino Factor team survey and select the best software solutions to enable the experiences designed.

Innovation pipeline

Inspired by the stakeholder needs, we created service models that served as a stimulus for a co-creation process with the Latino Factor team. Once prioritized and enriched with diverse perspectives, propelland evaluated and refined each concept according to the potential impact on the set objectives and the company’s purpose, generating two service categories: B2B and B2C.


Latino Factor has leveraged the vision, processes, and technology plan to implement a supply management system leading to year-over-year growth and to inform the development of new customer segments, markets, and products and services.

The roadmap brought value to Latino Factor and all the stakeholders involved, creating powerful sales tools for their team, customers, and beyond. The company is better positioned than ever to accomplish their aim of sharing Latino culture with everyone.

“It is hard to find a team with a strong understanding of strategy and also technology. They took the time to thoroughly understand our people, processes, customers, and business model to make informed recommendations on how to grow.”

David Benítez, CEO, Latino Factor.