Bringing to Madrid the biggest hackathon on the planet






Acceleration Workshops

The Opportunity

NASA SpaceApps is the biggest hackathon on Earth, with more than 29,000 participants from 71 countries and 225 cities, aimed to solve a challenge proposed by the Agency and chosen by the participants in a 2-day sprint.

The Challenge

Designing and executing the NASA SpaceApps hackathon in the city of Madrid, Spain, giving the participant teams the space and the tools to ignite their talent and capabilities in order to succeed.

The Solution

With the participants in mind, we designed a journey with different key moments, creating toolkits and providing mentoring to boost their creativity and reach the best solution for each challenge. We partnered with great companies like WeWork, AWS, Airbus, P&G, and the PowerMBA to add their knowledge and talent to the challenge, and judge the best idea which would be sent to NASA.


Delivering an out-of-the-world experience

While NASA SpaceApps happens simultaneously all over the world, we wanted to provide the participants in Madrid with an exclusive experience that would allow them to thrive and give their best during the three days.

Finding the right partners

From the space where the hackthon was to be hold, to the knowledge of industry experts, we partnered with companies that could help boost the team’s capabilities, understand the specific barriers of each challenge, and make the right use of the latest technologies. From aeronautical engineers, data analysts and scientists, as well as IT experts along with the propelland team we were able to deliver a great overall experience.

Sharing our way

In the height of the hackathon rush, participants not only need discipline and focus, they need the right tools to keep track of their ideas and bring them to life. To that effect, we provided the participants with the design tools they needed to stay on track throughout the weekend.


The 85 participants came up with 16 solutions to the different challenges. The NASA jury made the last call and picked the Mnemosys team to take their micro electro-mechanical memory saver to the Finals.

"This year the bar of the event and participants was superb. Many thanks for the great partnership and for uplifting the digital journey in Spain: awesome ideas, vibrant location, top-notch talent. A perfect environment to celebrate the digital era."

Loly Alejandro, Southern Europe CIO and CSO, P&G.