Designing and launching a smart hub for nightclub’s VIP areas


Pernod Ricard


Strategic Research
Product and Service Design + Engineering

Designing and launching a smart hub for nightclub’s VIP areas for enhancing client’s offer, improving customers experience and gathering data from the final consumers

Opportunity Statement

Pernod Ricard wanted to expand their traditional business model beyond the distribution of alcoholic beverages into the offering of innovative products and services for leisure and entertainment.

The Challenge

To design, develop and pilot a service for VIP experience in nightclub with a double purpose of strengthen Pernod Ricard’s offering to nightclub owners beyond the supply of bottles, and gathering actionable data from the final consumers of their products.

The Solution

A smart and interactive ice-bucket designed for VIP areas of nightclubs that connects customers between themselves and with the bartenders. The cube comes equipped with a detachable ice container, LEDs, 360º camera, wifi access and a 7’’ touch screen.

Customers can get faster services by placing orders directly from the table, take 360º pictures and interact with other tables; while bar owners can speed-up the service, expand the offering and send personalised promotions and offers.

The Approach


We defined the key features of the service and translated the value proposition into design attributes, including the client ideas and suggestions in every design decision, benefiting from their knowledge of the business.


We build low and medium fidelity prototypes that let us quickly test the designs with real potential users, gathering feedback for refining the concept in an iterative human-centred process.


We designed and developed one app for the LightCube, one app for the bartender a one control panel for Pernod Ricard.
A combination of bright colours over dark background was used for both apps to match the aesthetics of illumination in nightclubs. Interactions were simplified to the maximum in order to avoid confusion in an already fuss environment.


We purchase and manufacture all necessary components for the production and set a small assembly line to mount all 15 units. Lastly, we tested one by one all units to guaranty the correct functioning of hardware and software.


We launched a pilot introducing three to five LightCubes in the most popular nightclubs of Madrid and Barcelona, observing and measuring performance and user response.


The two main social foundations of Spain intend to launch Cuida in 2020 to multiply the social intervention x10, moving from 30,000 impacted families to 300,000.


“Based on the great acceptance and positive feedback obtained from club owners and consumers, we are currently planning the design and development of a version 2.0 of the LightCube and scaling up of the pilot to more locations.”

Alberto Garcia Redondo – Product Manager – Pernod Ricard

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