A digital platform to help consumers plan memorable events


Pernod Ricard


Strategic Research
Product and Service Design + Engineering

Opportunity Statement

Pernod Ricard wanted to strengthen its partnership with its HORECA customers while generating new channels of relationship with end consumers, providing value in their day to day.

The Challenge

To design and launch a new service offering for bars and restaurants, along with a viable business model that would help a traditional company to digitalize the leisure industry providing an added value offer that would improve consumers’ lives while creating a deeper connection with them.

The Solution

Restaurants and bars are carefully crafted experiences that offer a beautifully designed space to enjoy their food and drink offerings. Besides the most popular hours of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these spaces are vastly underused, but rent, personnel, and other expenses keep adding up. With Pernod Ricard, we created a digital platform that helps bar owners take advantage of the off-peak hours by offering their spaces to end consumers looking for a place to enjoy unique experiences in an integrated way.

Customers can discover handcrafted experiences, find the plan that best suits them and enjoy booking unique plans.

The Approach


We designed PlanPlanner as an online marketplace to promote restaurants and help people plan special events in their city during downtimes. As a broker, PlanPlanner receives a percentage service fee from every booking, which in turn helps the brand maintain and improve the platform.


From the user experience to the operational and business requirements, we lead a team of partners that would help us develop and launch the platform while helping the client define the hypothesis and key metrics that needed to be measured during the pilot.


Once the service and the platform were defined, we helped our client determine the value offering and commercial strategy to help PlanPlanner scale and grow, partnering with several clients in Madrid and Barcelona that would help us learn and refine the service to deliver a meaningful experience to both customers and consumers alike.


The initial concept of Share Your Bar (now PlanPlanner), has been iterated several times thanks to constant validations with users and potential customers.


A combination of high contrast between gray tones and yellow gradient is proposed. This represents the energy and joy that will highlight the competition thanks to the use of an opposite color palette.

We created the design systems with the purpose to increase efficiency in product development. With a consistent design language in place, it becomes easier to design products at scale that are consistent in aesthetics, user interface, and user experience.


Pernod Ricard España launched PlanPlanner in 2018 as its strategical bet of the year and has been scaling it nationally since